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At the beginning, the 365-Photos project consisted in taking a picture of the sunset, every evening during one year, at the same place, the same frame and the same zoom. I searched for a frame where we could not see any house, any electric cable, any road, any car. In brief, a frame where we could not see any trace of Humans, which was not so easy to find. I wanted to find something pure. Especially when we know that the chosen frame was just next to an electric pole, precisely. Very little margin.

Very quickly, I realized that, as my home was only few meters next to the wildest river of Europe, it would be good to take a picture with the Loire. Six days after the start of the project, I decided to take 2 pictures every day and not only one. Thereby, the first picture was taken 10 minutes before the official sunset hour, the second one at the exact hour.

365 Photos The goal was always to make a video at the end where all the pictures would show and where the frame would change the least possible (the only changes were because I obviously did not let the camera at the place for a year). Basically, to see all the year passing in few minutes, with sometimes bad weather, sometimes very nice shaped clouds.

From the beginning, I wanted to post the pictures online. I created a website with a CMS from, where I posted as often as possible the latest pictures, as well as the videos, once a month. The website let me share this project with friends, family, but also unknown people I met while I was taking the pictures, or mouth-to-ears.

The last three months were the worst to continue, it had been so many times I had gone outside every evening to take my pictures. But I precisely had passed too much time to do it to stop before the end and not finish the project. It's the fact to know that few people were following the project which enabled me to reach the end. On the other hand, I could not have finished without comprehensive and helping friends and family. I asked them a few times to take the pictures when I was not able to do it myself.

Below are the two final videos of the project.

All the pictures of the frame 1 All the pictures of the frame 2