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Internship at Home'n'go

Home'n'go Object: second year internship
Duration: from 21.01.2013 to 27.05.2013
Subject: Community Management

  • writing blog articles (3 per week) about real estate
  • chosing the blog's design and implementing it, including changes in source code
  • replying to visitors' comments
  • customer relationship by email and User Voice
  • managing Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • emailing
  • writing a user guild of Home'n'Go website
  • participation on real estate forums

For my second internship, I decided to join Home'n'go, a start-up which groups for free the announcements from real estate portals (PàP, ...) and adds statistic data (demography, local taxes...) and environmental (transport, shops...), especially from Open Data. Open an account for free gives you access to a private space to manage your favourite announcements and activate unique alerts.


During all my internship at Home'n'go, I took care of the Home'n'go blog. The first month, as I was still in class, I worked the equivalent of one day a week, which I used to write two articles. While in full-time, I wrote three articles per week.
Usually, Monday I posted an article about a service or a start-up which could be interesting for our target, Wednesday an article about a legal precision, and Friday an article more general about real estate. These articles and their regularity teached me to select my sources, to synthesize the content and to be very rigorous and precise about the information to give.

I also chose the new Wordpress template for the blog which needed a real reworking, especially as the website itself was going to be remake. I gave the template to the designers, also coming from SUP'Internet, who then gave me back a mock-up which I integrated. I had to do a lot of direct modifications in the code in order to customize the aspect of the blog as best as possible, so that it correspond more to our expectations.

Finally, I replied to all comments made by guests. The blog is well ranked in search engines, especially on few requests often searched, which attract quite a lot of visitors, who often ask questions.

Customer relationship

The customer relationship I did for Home'n'go was more that only about the blog. The team also transmitted to me all the emails sent to the contact email address and which concerned a question or a problem about the website, thus I replied directly to the user. I received about two up to three emails per day.

Another important aspect of the customer relationship management concerned the User Voice platform. It's a plug-in which is added to a website and which allow users to easily send a message about a suggestion to improve the website or a problem they encounter. I was asked to reply to each of these messages, to report the bugs in our internal tool and notify suggestion which seemed interesting to me.

At last, I had to take care of all social media used by the company, mainly Facebook and Twitter. Thereby I used two Twitter accounts: the official one, and another one which was used to watch some expressions and give a direct link to the search results on the Home'n'go website to the twittos who were seeking for a housing.

Content Management

In addition to the blog, I also designed and sent the first emailing of the start-up, mostly to announce that we had, since a few days, more than three million announcements. I also announced the arrival of new colleagues and the possibility to create a unique alert grouping all the announcements of all the portals, corresponding to the selected criteria.

Since the website had a new design, I wrote a new "How it works", the page which helps new users to understand how the website works.

To finish, on a daily basis, I had to watch two online forums about real estate in order to step in when I had the reply to a question of a user. The goal was to improve the SEO and help Home'n'go to be known.