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SUP'Internet is a private school giving courses for Internet-related jobs which opened in 2011. It is one of the schools of IONIS Group, leader of private schools in France. I joined in 2011 the first promotion of 86 students quite well distributed in the 3 bachelors that the school offers:

- Web Development and Technologies
- Creation and Web Design
- Business and Marketing of the Internet

As I decided to career as a Community Manager even before entering in the school, I chose to join the bachelor Business and Marketing of the Internet.

SUP'Internet teaching methods are peculiar, for few reasons. First, it is a complete break with the French classic school system, very theoretical, since learning is through successive projects in the large majority of the classes. It was exactly the kind of teaching I was looking for.

SUP'Internet The school also enables a specialization from the first year, while following a core education. Unlike other schools, we learned basics in all the fields (ergonomics, development and design for instance) and each bachelor then goes deeper in its specific class. This versatility and the team work in different project through the whole curriculum taught us to work together and understand the core of each job.

This is especially true considering that the majority of the classes are made by professionals, most of them having their own company. Therefore, they shared with us the challenges they face everyday. The curriculum is scheduled in partnership by a council with school representatives and professionals together, in order to follow as best as possible the actual needs of the companies. The grade follows the European system of ECTS credits.

At last, we professionalized through many experiences accumulated as the curriculum passed. During the first year, we had to do an internship from 2 to 4 months, followed by another one in the second year of 3 months. Finally, during the third year we spent 4 days a week in a company. The rest of the time, we had to choose a minimum of 12 workshops occurring the 2 last days of the week.

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