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Community Manager at O'Gaming.TV

My story with O'Gaming kicked off uncommonly. Late December 2014, I started following extensively the stream, basically every day, and I decided to take screenshots of the casters at funny or weird moments, especially when they made bizarre faces. Adding a little caption to spice it up, I posted those screenshots on Twitter, tagging O'Gaming as well as the casters. I was making fun of them, and they were laughing about it.

O'Gaming I did that for a few months, and in March 2015, I met Funkadelic, official ESL's StarCraft II observer and caster at O'Gaming. As a joke (or was it?), he told me I should do those tweets directly from O'Gaming's account. This idea stuck in my head.

Soon after that, O'Gaming announced they were searching for people to help them on community projects. I didn't hesitate and sent an email explaining I'd like to tweet for them, the same way I was doing with my account. They liked the idea, and in late March, I started tweeting with official O'Gaming's StarCraft II account: @PomfThud (now @OGamingSC2), which was in fact the account of the two brothers who started the TV. Quite the legacy.

While I continued to tweet, in October 2015 the person I was reporting to, in charge of the communication at O'Gaming, gave me the opportunity of a fixed-term contract, to be more involved than usual for their own tournament: Nation Wars III. For 3 months, I was following the competition and animating the social media in real time with the best content possible, mostly funny quotes, faces, or impressive moves from players.
Nation Wars
At the end of this fixed-term contract, O'Gaming offered me a part-time position to take care of the entire Community Management of their StarCraft II channel, which I accepted. More than simply continuing to live tweet some of the shows, I announce every day the show of the evening, as well as articles or anything else we can use for social media. With several years of screenshots and clips from the show and the casters, I have several gigabytes of content at my disposal to animate the pages.

I operated the transformation of the Twitter account from @PomfThud to @OGamingSC2: it was necessary to better reflect the use of the account, not so much about Pomf & Thud anymore but more globally about StarCraft II, and following O'Gaming's restructuration with a dedicated Community Manager for each channel.

With this restructuration, I also took the temporary lead of the Twitch chat moderation staff at O'Gaming for about a month, so I could change some process inside the moderation before it was re-shaped in a way that each channel's moderation team is independent as well. When it was done, I left the leading position to take on new responsibilities: the publication of the weekly planning on all our channels (O'Gaming's website, Twitch, and social media for which I do the visual presentation myself on Photoshop), as well as serving as liaison to the O'Gaming's StarCraft II moderators for anything planning-related.

In the late 2016, O'Gaming announced Nation Wars IV, and I was asked to take care of the official Nation Wars social media accounts again. Since then, I've done it for Nation Wars V and Nation Wars 2019 as well.

      > Below, a video I produced of Best Moves from the previous day for WCS Katowice 2016