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Co-Community Manager

I worked as a Community Manager Junior on from January 01, 2012 to December 31, 2013, in a partial time (yet I was available 24/7).

Among the video games, Grepolis is a browser game made and edited by InnoGames GmbH, a German company specialized in free to play games. It is a conquest game taking place in Ancient Greece. There are different game worlds, the players can start where they want.

Grepolis Two weeks after I discovered the game mid-May 2010, I joined the volunteers team of the game Support. My role consisted in replying to the questions received by Tickets from the players and ban then discuss with those who breached the rules. I also volunteered to all the logistic organization (budget management, accommodation, activities, reservations, planning, transport ...) of the first meeting in real life in Paris of the teams of all the French games platforms of InnoGames. And then, next years, the meetings number 2, 3 and 4.

In October 2010, I was promoted Super Operator. More than these first two tasks, I had to recruit and train the future Operators, as well as supervise those who were taking care of the game worlds I was assigned on.

Finally, on January 01st, 2012, I became an employee of InnoGames, as Junior Community Manager, in order to alleviate the Community Manager of some tasks. My role then totally changed since I had entered the team, and my missions were the following :

* Relational
   - Substitution of the Community Manager in case of absence;
   - Consumer Relations Management: support of questions and issues relative to the Premium and important topics for the community;
   - Official interventions on the forum and in the game;
   - Organization of animations, events;
   - Shared management of the Facebook Grepolis France page (14 000+ fans at the time) ;
   - Management and recruitment of the volunteers for the team, at the time about fifty people;
   - Support of players dissatisfied by the replies done by the volunteers team;
   - Entire organization of the meeting in real life of the volunteers teams of all French games of InnoGames.

* Technical InnoGames
   - Regular maintenance and basic tests of the servers;
   - Administration of the forum (vBulletin);
   - Administration of all the database of Grepolis France (200 000+ accounts at the time).

* Feedback
   - Constant feedback of the community feelings, opinions and suggestions;
   - Often asked for an opinion about a planned change in the game, before its integration, to perfect it;
   - Sometimes asked for searching new partners for the company.

* Reactivity
   - Quick contact with the System Administrators in case of an issue on a server;
   - Quick contact with the police in case of serious problems on our platforms (i.e.: case of a suicidal player in April 2012, safely found at home in the end).

      > An example of official announcement I wrote for players

This experience taught me a lot on the Community Manager position. I learned the different ways to manage a problem, the errors we can do sometimes, but mainly a lot of things about the ecosystem of the game and its players in general. InnoGames is today a big company, with in 2012 255 employees, 50 million turnover and 2 subsidiaries in South Korea and Brazil.

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