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Internship at IONIS Education Group

IONIS Object: first year internship
Duration: from 18.06.2012 to 28.09.2012
Subject: Content Management & Data Cleaning
Tasks done:

  • listing and sorting all videos of IONIS group
  • writing descriptive and SEO-optimized texts
  • benchmarking design of female press
  • proposing a strategic change for the target for IONIS Up website
  • proposing of a social media plan for the website femme-ingé
  • standardizating of the Facebook page "L'Histoire du Web"
  • listing groups and pages related to IONIS group
  • writing a Facebook user guide for the students
  • benchmarking social media dashboards
  • creating a mock-up for the website femme-ingé
  • creating a responsive mock-up for the tablet and mobile version of SUP'Internet's website

As my first internship of my curriculum at SUP'Internet, I decided to join the company which created the school, IONIS Education Group, French leader of private higher school. I've done a certain amount of missions on a three months period, which can be break down into three categories: editorial, social media and design.


My main mission consisted in working on the 1600 videos of the different schools of the group, starting by inventory them and record the statistics, especially the number of views. Because it represented a lot of work, this mission was cut in several parts during the whole 3 months. Thereby I picked the videos to delete, those which we needed to determine what to do, the videos to keep and those to highlight, according to criteria as date of publication, subject, image or sound quality. Finally, I wrote the descriptions optimized for the SEO for some of them.

I also worked on the new version of the website IONIS Up by writing the descriptive texts of the pages "Matières" as the texts for the 4 offers of these pages. Likewise I suggested to change the target of the website, which previously was talking to the students directly. I though that the people who would come on it would be more the parents than the students themself, mostly the mother. The entire site have been remade in that way.

To end, I made a benchmark of the feminine websites and press in order to define which design elements where often used and could be reused for the website "Femme Ingénieure".

Social media

After gathering the required elements for the website "Femme Ingénieure", I was asked to make a proposal of a social media strategy. So I designed a strategy retaking the concept of the website which goal is to break ideas about women in IT jobs. The concept was to post a comment deliberately provocative and misogynist in order to make fans reacting, then to totaly reverse the idea with an article from the website demonstrating the inverse. This strategy had some breaks, especially on the investment and the fan acquisition, it had not been chosen.

I was also asked to rework a SUP'Internet student project titled ""SUP'Internet : l'Histoire du Web"". It's a Facebook timeline tracing the major events of the Web history. Students had make a timeline per group by adding to them the events which, according to them, were the major elements of the Web. My work consisted in reading each timeline and establishing only one unique page, taking back the good ideas of each one which was made, to use it as an official way of communication for the school.

With another SUP'Internet student, also intern at IONIS, we have been asked to lsit all the groups, pages and profiles existing on Facebook of the schools or associations of IONIS Education Group. We started this work but quickly realized that it was not doable for three main reasons: this work had to be done again at least once a year, since new groups or pages are always created. It was even more difficult because the search results are displayed in a random order. Last, we could not have access to everything, as the groups with Secret status do not appear in the search results. With the agreement of our tutors, we stopped this mission for another one.

The other one consisted in writing a Guideline for using Facebook to give to the students of each school of the Group. The idea was to write a guide to send them in order to teach them the basis of the confidentiality on Facebook, to make them aware of the mean which could have some words or groups for some people making researches, and to help them to better organize their groups and pages.

Tools are essential to be efficient. As the Group wanted to improve its presence on social media, I had to make a benchmark of the existing tools, which I made public, accessible from Google Documents. In that document, I show, according to very specific criteria, the major tools which I found they could fill the objectives set in specifications.


During my work on the overhaul of the IONIS Up website, I suggested the visual presentation of the offers which for I had to write the texts. This presentation was used on the previous version of the website.

The benchmark of feminine and feminine press websites allowed me to create a mock-up, taking back the main uses of this type of website. For this I used the tool Mockflow.

Finally, while reworking the SUP'Internet website, I was asked to create the responsive mock-up for tablet (portrait and landscape) and mobile. I reused the mock-up which was made by IONIS designers for the computer version, and I moved, rearranged or deleted the elements according to their importance and in order to make an easy navigation of mobile devices.